Let’s figure out summer digital agreements because….

It’s here! We made it! As this school year ends and summer begins, I have the feeling that not much will change. Our kids will be home, but they have been for months, so how can we keep them busy without them spending all day online?

It’s important to differentiate between the school year and summer, especially this year. And a good way to do this is to come up with some summer digital agreements. Here are the ones that my family will be following this summer. The key is to find what works for your family and have everyone participate. (Check out our parent page for even more resources, including family media plan guides!)

Before you get to use your electronic devices for recreation or relaxation, HAVE YOU….

Made your bed and completed the other chores you are responsible for? Kids at almost any age can do chores. It not only teaches responsibility and ownership, but gratitude and a sense of community as well. There are many lists, available online and all you need to do is google age appropriate chores to find one that works for your family. Here’s one that I like.
Read a book for at least 30 minutes? If your kids are like mine, getting them to read in the summer is a struggle. But keeping their reading skills sharp is important. Even with many libraries still closed, getting access to books is still pretty easy. Many libraries will let you download e-books or audiobooks. And yes, audiobooks count even for older kids and adults. I often have a reading book and listen to a book during the same time period.  Also, many local bookstores have order online and curbside pickup available. You could even start a book group with some of your kid’s friends and read the same book together.Done something creative?This can be whatever interests each family member. Maybe they like to draw, or color or paint. Perhaps they play a musical instrument. Or do they like to make up stories and write them down or act them out? Maybe they want to learn how to knit. Find out where your kid’s interests are and encourage them to do something creative every day.

Exercised for 30-60 minutes? Help your kids come up with some ideas on how to get exercise this summer and stay fit. With so many sports activities and camps closed this summer, it is especially important to make sure exercise happens. You can walk the dog, take a bike ride, train for a 5K, find a pickleball court in your neighborhood. The opportunities are endless, and your kids will be more apt to do it if you do it with them.
Spent time outside? We all need fresh air and sunshine and most of the above agreements can happen outside so, get outside.

We hope these give you ideas of how to help your children create a schedule. Be sure to follow us on social media for more ideas on creating better digital citizens!

By Lori Gillespie, Trainer – Digital Respons-Ability